Privacy Policy

The Center for Invasive Species and Ecosystem Health defers to the University of Georgia Privacy Policy regarding access to and collection of sensitive information. This policy outlines what types of information must be protected, and calls for limited access to that information.

We wish to specifically highlight the following items:

  • We will not share your usernames or passwords with outside organizations.
  • We will not share any personal information such as e-mail addresses, phone numbers or physical addresses with outside organizations EXCEPT for the following cases:
    • When a user requests permission for commercial use of an image, their e-mail address will be sent to the photographer or their contact to allow for permission to be granted.
  • We will only use any contact information you provide to contact you regarding:
    • image usage requests you have made
    • requests to use your images
    • questions regarding your account or images
    • semi-annual notifications to photographers and contacts to ensure that e-mail addresses are still current and provide notification of any system changes of enhancements. This only applies to individuals that have iamges publicly available in our system.